about toomad

Who we are:

  • Dan, Raine, McKay, Puck, Murphy and Cheerio. (alumni: Ether and Loki and Aberfoyle)
  • We started in Kingston, added a dog and a cat, got a degree. Drank well, and frolicked frequently. Quit a job and packed it all up to move to Chicago. There, we ate well for three years, got a kid, got married, two more jobs, a loft and a Debil kitty.
  • Decided we hated the cold (quit one job and kept one job, sold loft) so moved to Atlanta . Got one new job and a new house. Didn’t eat as well as Chicago, but the people are way nicer. Never content without our lives being chaotic, decided to move as far as possible while remaining in civilization and not crossing any oceans. Quit two jobs, sold one house, one car and a hammock stand.
  • Ended up in Vancouver. Two jobs, one kid, no house (I don’t want to talk about it) two cats and a dog! It took a little bit of effort, but eventually we’re down another cat.
  • Stay tuned for comments on the food and the folks.
  • Our 2008 Leap Year addition is Cheerio. A 2 year old long haired torti.

Why the blog:

  • Essentially to share the joy that is our lives with family and folks that we’ve left scattered behind us like detritus flowers petals in the wind. Occasional side trips of rants against real or imagined slights to our view of the way the world should be run.

Why the name:

  • Term originally derived from wrangling a livid 8 month old into clothes. Now mostly because some days, dammit, we should all be just too mad to wear pants.
  • You can write us at toomad.forpants at gmail.com and for sure we’ll write you back.